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Disney's Christopher Robin movie review

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First of all, THANK YOU to my friend Krista Joy at for allowing me to attend to this movie preview with you!  This beautiful movie that was so special to me and it felt like I've waited my whole "adult" life to see it!  

A Spoiler-Free Movie Review from a life-long Winnie the Pooh fan.  It was truly a joy to watch my favorite silly ole bear come to life on the big screen interacting with real people in today's world!  The movie begins around the time that the original story is about to end.  You'll see a few of your favorite moments with Christopher Robin as a real child playing with his Hundred Acre Wood pals before he goes off to school.  Sometimes life has a way of making children grow up quickly.  Christopher has a lot of difficult things to deal with during the chapters of his life from the time the story that we all know and love ended until we get to the point where this story begins.  But there comes a time in everyone's life when we can get so engrossed in the urgency and responsibilities of adulthood that we can lose that part of us
that made time to simply do nothing and enjoy the moment.  It's in those precious moments when we allow ourselves to relax in the thing that we love most about life, that refresh us and allows us to be a better person for every aspect of our lives.  This movie had a few difficult real-life moments and if you're prone to crying at movies, you may want to bring a tissue...but every bit was kid-friendly.  In the end, it helps you think about prioritizing the things in life that truly matter and see things the way we always really have from deep down within ourselves.  That person that we were long ago is always inside us.
Ewan McGregor does a nice job of bringing Christopher Robin to life as an adult and Jim Cummings is a spot-on voice of Pooh, and Tigger too!   Also, make sure you stay through the credits for some extra-special appearances.  
The Sherman Brothers,  made up of Richard & Robert Sherman, were the duo that Walt Disney called on to create some of the most memorable songs in the world.  Robert passed away in 2012 but Richard Sherman, who just celebrated his 90th birthday, makes a special appearance and wrote some new music for Christopher Robin with the same type of catchy lyrics and tunes that "The Boys" were known for back when Walt still worked in the studio.

Please note that I was invited to a complimentary viewing of this moving on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 so that I could bring you this review on behalf of Krista Joy of  The free admission in no way influenced my love for this movie.  All opinions are my own.  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Beatrice Denis moved to Florida in 2010 from North Carolina, due to her love for all things Disney.  She recently had a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding on Land and Sea at both Walt Disney World and on the Disney Wonder on Alaska water with beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background.  In her spare time, she is "A Disney Girl in Orlando" and you can click this link to follow her upcoming adventures: 

Again, Krista of  - thank you for allowing me to post for you and for my little ole page too.  I encourage my friends to check out your page and hope they enjoy it as much as I do.  Thanks for all you do!

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