Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rock Your Disney Side

Well, Disney has done it again!  They've given us a 24-Hour Day!  It's been a hit before with the Leap Year day and Monstrous Summer kickoff around Memorial Day - both in 2013.  This time, it's a kickoff to Summer again from 6am Friday, May 23-6am Saturday, May 24.  We all have our own ways of Rockin' our Disney Side.  Some people chose to be in the Magic Kingdom for the entire 24 hours, some chose to open up the day at Walt Disney World & fly to California to

close it out at Disneyland.  Others chose to
come in for a few hours and enjoy the special moments.  There were all sorts of guests dressed like their favorite characters.  Disney allowed it, as long as you followed their rules.  There were character Meet and Greets with characters that are not normally available in the parks were pretty awesome.  My personal favorite parts of the celebration was the
INCREDIBLESSuperDanceParty (where I have some great video of Mr. Incredible doing the Cupid Shuffle) and the It's Good to be Bad! Villainous Celebration which happened before the nighttime parades. special events were my personal favorite additions.

 The Festival of Fantasy Parade happened twice and was spectacular, as usual.  I haven't decided if I like the view from the top of the train station or at ground level best for viewing.  I do recommend watching this parade multiple times from both levels to truly see the details high and low in these amazing parade floats.  The second show on a hot day in Florida proved that the entertainers are truly amazing and give their absolute best anytime they are on stage.  I truly enjoyed sharing the parade with guests who had never seen it.  Then I waved to the Live Web Camera that Disney was streaming with the fans at home so Disney fans everywhere can be a part of this magical day.  Next, I strolled over and saw that the Seven Dwarf Mine Train was open.  The line wait time showed 60 minutes - but I went through the line in 34 minutes.  Since the ride is not officially open, there are no FastPass times.  That means that everyone in line was filtered into BOTH lines and our wait times were not too bad.  What a MAGICAL SURPRISE to get a chance to ride this fun, animatronic masterpiece that was so family-friendly, yet thrilling all in one.  I truly enjoyed going through their Mine and past their cottage.  I also loved how the ride comes to a thrilling stop directly in front of Beast's like you can stop and admire that beauty for a moment before moving on to the thrills of this special ride.  The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is scheduled to officially open until May 28th, so I am thankful again for another MAGICAL Disney memory of a preview to a special family-friendly roller coaster that truly has something for everyone. 

 I came home and even enjoyed my husband and cat sharing their Disney Side.

Move over Grumpy Cat...Disney, call me.  So tell me, how do you show YOUR Disney Side?  Some of us have very one of my friends wore 24 Disney shirts, one per hour of thee 24-hour event to show ALL of her favorite Disney Sides.  I'd love to know what you do at your home or work to share YOUR Disney Side.  Thank you for reading and/or sharing my blog.  Have a magical day!