Monday, July 23, 2018

Christopher Robin brings Winnie the Pooh to life in a new way!
From my 7- week old photograph to one taken just a few weeks ago, Winnie the Pooh brings out the comfort of an old friend that I've had throughout my entire life.  We all have that favorite childhood toy that makes us feel like the world is a bit better just by sitting in a quiet place and hugging it...and for me, that's my Poohbear!
With the movie "Christopher Robbin" coming out on August 3, 2018, I've been inspired to look through the decades of memories and moments this silly ole bear has gifted me with throughout my life.  

He coached me through my first steps and thankfully lived to tell about it, along with decades of Hundred Acre Hugs...Never get too old to hug your teddy bear.   
-  He's taught me that the meaning of life is simple.  
- Think.  Think.  Think.  But don't stress. 
-  Sometimes you have to work for what you want.
-  Don't be afraid of the what-ifs (even if they sting)
-  Enjoy food (to an extent) or you'll get a bit rounder
-  Always love yourself!
-  Make time to exercise every day.  
-  Get excited about the things that make you Hunny
-  Never be too busy for a hug.
-  Choose friends wisely & be true to those friends
-  Even when your personalities differ, friends help each other.  
-  Celebrate the little things and the big things.
-  Even when you grow apart, always remember the valuable lessons those friends taught you.
  After decades of wear and tear on my very favorite Winnie the Pooh, I can't wait to find out how the decades of my own life will be enhanced from what is to come in the movie next week: 
"I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I've been"  -  Winnie the Pooh

Jim Cummings has truly embraced our childhood characters and I can't wait to see how their legacy is brought to new life as he voices our dear friends Pooh (& Tigger too) from our childhood stories, plush and movies out of Hundred Acre Wood and into our world today.  Let's see where they take us as grown ups in the weeks to come.  I have my dress, my purse & my Poohbear ready for his live-action debut in the world of 2018.  Some of us may never grow up.  And that's ok too.