Sunday, August 12, 2018

Walt Disney World Pro Golf Tournaments

With the 100th PGA Championship going on right now & the recent rain-
out that happened with my guys at the Disney's Magnolia & Oak Trail courses, I had the opportunity to spend a bit of time at the Clubhouse and learn a bit about the history of PGA Golf at Walt Disney World.

Disney Golf has gone back a long way!  It was founded in 1971, but the Walt Disney World Open Invitational played
under many names throughout the years.  The Walt Disney World Golf
Classic was played at Disney's Palm and Magnolia courses through 2012.  The Children's Miracle Network Wall of Fame winner's pictures are still posted inside Minnie's Boutique.  And for Ladies, it's a fun place to find all the cute Women's clothing and golf accessories. 

For those of us who don't know much about Golf, you'll even find
photographs of people you know & recognize among the walls of the

Another item that you may not know is that a very popular golfer has a locker in the Men's Dressing Room.  In October of 1999, The reigning US Open Champion & Orlando Local Pro, Payne Stewart played on Friday.  He didn't make the cut to play out the weekend.  He wanted to get a head start preparing to play in Houston the next week, but his plane crashed on the way & his last game was played right here at Walt Disney World.  Stewart's locker has been kept in the Men's Locker Room just as it was on the day that he left...although they changed the front to allow us to see inside.  Tiger Woods won the Tournament that year.  

There are so many "Disney" moments in PGA history.  Come by the Clubhouse on your next trip to find out a new side of Disney that you may not have experienced yet.  

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