Sunday, August 26, 2018

Rock & Brews: A Fun Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Orlando

If you enjoy bringing your dog with you for dinner as a family or on vacation with you, I have a fun place for you to try!

Rock & Brews is a chain of restaurants featuring American food with a Rock 'n Roll atmosphere!  Two of the owners in his partnership are Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley of KISS, so if you're a fan of rock 'n roll at all, you'll love the decor throughout the restaurant.  Right now, there are two located in the Orlando area:  Orlando & Oviedo.  There are plans to open another location in October in Kissimmee which will be even closer to the Disney theme parks!  
But what makes it extra-special in my family is that the
patio is dog friendly.  Not only is it just ok to bring your dog, but they have a Doggie Menu.  The "DOG SIDE of the Menu" consists of Bowser Brew in Cock-A-Doodle Brew or Beefy Brown Ale Man's Best Friend can even share a drink with you.  My tradition with my own pup is to take him there on his birthday & we've done this for three years
now.  He loves both the flavors of Bowser Beer & he also loves "Addie's Feast" which includes Homemade Roasted Chicken, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato & Veggies...a meal fit for anyone wanting to eat a good clean healthy meal.  But you could also select Bacon or Burger Patties.  This is a great place where your dog can enjoy water, brew or food with you.  Whether you live in Orlando or want to bring your pup here on vacation with you, I think Rock & Brews is a great choice.  The Orlando Rock & Brews is located near the Orlando Airport
(MCO) and coming soon (estimated for an October opening), there will be a
location in Kissimmee near the Disney Theme Parks.  I'll be keeping track of the opening in hopes that Gene Simmons will make an appearance.  My dream would be to get a pic of him with my pup to see who's tongue is out the farthest.  And if you travel here for vacation, stay tuned because Sulley has his first stay at Best Friends Pet Resort coming up in a few weeks and I'll be happy to share our experiences.