Sunday, June 8, 2014

Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World

Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World have become more popular every year!  Now that Disney has acquired the rights to Star Wars, we are getting more event dates, more character appearances, more top celebrities and entertainment during these special weekends.  Now, I must

admit from the start that I am not a huge Star Wars Fan, but I think they have some CUTE and interesting characters & I have seen most of the movies.  

This year, I got to see John Ratzenberger and Mark Hamill on their first of hopefully many Star Wars Weeknds.  It was also a thrill for me to see Billy Dee Williams.

 Some stars are available for more than one weekend.  Star Wars Weekends went from May 16 - June 15, 2014.  Each of the five weekend hosted different celebrities and events. If you are looking to

get a star autograph, I would suggest arriving very early.  I even heard that lines began as early as 4-4:15am during some days this year.  As soon as people are allowed to enter the park, they rush up to the FastPass Line for the star they want an autograph for.  Many times ALL Fastpasses are gone within the first 10 minutes after people are allowed in the park.  Don't worry if you want to see your favorite characters and don't want to wait at the gate that long.  Just watch their cars go by and scream out their name during the 11:30am parade.  Most of the parade is of the 501st - there are many Star Wars organizations that come dressed in costume and they get the chance to march through the parade and get the appreciation.  If you want Star Wars character pictures, you are in luck - they are all over the park!  If you are a fan

of Ashley Eckstein & the Her Universe Brand of Women's clothing, you will be in luck with her line and other special merchandise featured at Darth's Mall.  Plus, you'll even have special yummy treats for the occasion.  You can even enjoy presentations featuring the celebrities on-hand.  For example, the weeks

that I attended some of the presentations were:  "Obi-Wan and Beyond, starring James Arnold Taylor" or "Visit to the Maul, starring Ray Park" as well as several other interesting conversations and

behind-the-scenes experiences shared by the stars themselves.  If you've missed this year, you have one more weekend.  And if you must plan a trip, keep an eye out for dates next May-June.  It's always filled with fun from Storm Troopers and characters everywhere getting in on all the action!  Most of all, just enjoy the fun and "May The Force Be With You" at Disney's Hollywood Studios!


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