Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rainy Day Parade in the Magic Kingdom

As we come into the "rainy season" at Walt Disney World, I recently came across a parade that happens in the Magic Kingdom that is not on your Times Guide.  But if you don't stay around during the

rain, you'd never know it exists.  In fact, after asking around I've heard this back up parade has been happening for quite some time.  But after 14 years of frequent Walt Disney World visits, I experienced the "Rainy Day Cavalcade" for the first time.   What a fun parade!  I love that the Cast Members skip and dance along wearing their raincoats, galoshes and holding umbrellas.  It seems that when a parade is about to happen and rain comes through, the characters fill the Main Street Vehicles and make the most of it!  The parade that we would have seen was the "Move It!  Shake It!  Celebrate It!  Street Party" -- so the characters in the vehicles were only the ones that would have been seen in that parade.  

 I've since searched online to see that they do the same thing for the regular 3pm parade.  It seems that those parade characters pile into the vehicles and come down Main Street if that parade is rained out and they don't bring out the parade floats.  So make a note if rain comes through, just throw on a poncho and make the most of your Disney Day!  You'll be singing for days!  The music alternates from "Singin' in the Rain" to the special song for this parade...and one that has a wonderful tune!  You'll be singing "Jingle Jingle, Splash Splash!  Tell me how long with this rain last.  The rain keeps droppin'.  There ain't no stoppin'.  Tell me how long will this rain last."  Such a great catchy tune!  


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