Sunday, February 16, 2014

Disney Dining at the Rose & Crown - Treats from the United Kingdom in EPCOT

If you're planning a trip to Walt Disney World, all of the wonderful dining options can be a bit overwhelming!  After listening to a recent Restaurant Review of the Rose & Crown on the WDW Radio Podcast, I needed to taste it for myself.  By the way, the podcast was very informative and goes over all the foods on the menu - I highly recommend you listen to Show #347 on  - posted on January 19, 2014.
I had always just thought of The Rose & Crown as a Pub for a drink, but never went inside for a meal.  After years of passing up this wonderful place, I was very impressed!  We walked up and had maybe a 45 minute wait, so we tried some brew on the outside:  the Stella Artois Draft and Strongbow Cider which had wonderful new flavors to us.  The "Stella" was quite smooth and the Strongbow Cider was a wonderful Apple Cider taste...we enjoyed our choices!  Then when we went inside, we realized that the Dining side on the left has an entirely different atmosphere as the was quite a cozy and quaint.  We tried the Scotch Egg as an appetizer - which is "Golden fried Hard-boiled

Egg wrapped in Sausage Meat with Mustard Sauce" -- Four thumbs up!  I also had to try the Mushy Peas, which is great with Fish & Chips.  We also had the amazing Indian-style Chicken Masala.  We had already heard the menu from the WDW Radio Restaurant Review and heard what Emma, who was vacationing from the UK thought of the food in comparison to the Pubs at home...and we were so happy to have had the insight to try things that we had not even thought were common foods of the country.  While we were there, I did have some wonderful conversations with Ben, our Server who is here for 12 months from Wales.  He was so helpful with our questions and insight from his homeland.    I also tried the Snake Bite, one of the Pub Blends that is Cider topped with Harp.  For dessert, we tried the Bakerwell Tart with spiced Cerme Faiche and Bee's Honey Mead Syrup - we LOVED the honey and interesting spice taste!  Very different and yummy!  We'll definitely have to go back for the Sticky Toffee Pudding...and next time we'll have to try the Yorkshire Pudding which comes with the Grilled New York Strip Steak and Fried the way, they serve a different type of fish inside the Rose & Crown vs. outside. 
 Outside you will get Catfish & inside you get a wonderful Cod.  While you're there, you really should take a few moments to visit the bar-side to sing along with Carol Stein, The Hat Lady.  She performs a wonderful family-fun show Tuesdays-Saturdays.  So, enjoy a lovely holiday any day with great music, entertainment, food and drink in EPCOT's World Showcase.  I'll definitely be back very soon!  Let me know if you have been or plan to go soon.  They do change and freshen up their menu every 6 months.


  1. I definitely need to go there on my next visit! I'm glad you enjoyed the a dinner!

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