Sunday, June 2, 2013

Aloha and welcome to Disney's Polynesian Resort!

Welcome to the tropical Pacific Island paradise right here in Walt Disney World!  
The Polynesian Resort is definitely one to visit!
It's convenient to the Magic Kingdom and one of only three resorts (including Disney's Contemporary & Grand Floridian) that has the amenity of the monorail transportation directly to your resort.  There are so many reasons to make a stop at the Polynesian Resort!  Kona Island is located just inside the doors from the Monorail and serves coffee, tea, pasteries & dessert.  I love the Kona Coffee Beans, so I am a big fan of stopping in for a cup of coffee and serenity to start the day!
Disney's Island Paradise in Orlando
Another great reason to go in the morning is for the Tonga Toast!  
If you're looking for atmosphere, have your breakfast at Kona Cafe' but if the best price is your choice, you can get your Tonga Toast at Captain Cook's on the first level.  Another special side note is that The Dole Whip is a special soft serve treat that can only be found in two places:  Aloha Isle Refreshments, in the Magic Kingdom and at Captain Cook's 24-hour walk-up counter cafe in the Polynesian Resort.  And if you find one of the long-time Cast Members in the Tambu Lounge, they still know the recipe of a former Dole Whip alcoholic treat...but you need to make sure someone in the Lounge knows the recipe, go down to Captain Cook's to purchase your Dole Whip & bring it back up to make your order...the good thing about the soft-serve Dole Whip at Captain Cook's is that it's a if you REALLY LIKE if, you can pile it high...but they do not sell the Float here. 

Daily at 3pm a Cast Member walks through the lobby with a tray of complimentary  COOKIES!  It's just another magical treat provided by Disney.  Also in the Resort Lobby (currently Tuesday through Saturday) you can participate in Hula Dance Lessons at 3:45pm.  There is a Torch Lighting Ceremony at 6pm in the Resort Lobby.  Disney Movies Under the Stars on the beach at 9pm.  Pool Party and various poolside activities throughout the afternoon and even campfire on the beach in the evening.  If you're staying at this resort, make sure you check the Recreation Activities Guide!

You can even catch a great view of Cinderella Castle & Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, Contemporary Resort, Grand Floridian Resort, the ferry + watercraft in Bay Lake while you enjoy a game of beach volleyball.  If you visit Mikala Canoe Club, you can rent anything from Sea Racers, Surry Bikes, Fishing Excursions, Sailboats, Pontoon Boats or equipment to water ski, tubing & water boarding. The Club is open daily from 10am-6pm.  

One special cultural story is that of the Menehune.  There is a sign in the Great Ceremonial House that tells us The Story of the Menehune:  "The Menehune of Hawaii'an folklore are playful, rascally people known for delighting in games and mischief, but also known as Industrious laborers and expert stone-cutters.  Despite their rowdy tendencies, by working diligently in large numbers they have been credited with building many of the ancient temples and fishponds still found throughout Hawai'i.  Each Menehune project has allegedly been completed in the dark of a single night - an extraordinary feat given their legendary inability to make fire!"
You'll find these wonderful creatures in the lobby, around the Gift Shop, restaurants, in the pool area and all around the resort...always keep your  eyes open for these cute creatures.  You never know where you may find one or what they may be doing.

Each Dining Experience has it's own special charm.  Kona Cafe is one of my personal favorites restaurants on Disney property!  It has chocolate carvings of Lilo & Stitch made from 70 pounds of solid chocolate.

 The Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show is held in Luau Cove, you'll have to follow the signs and path from the Great Ceremonial House.  It's a wonderful celebration of the Polynesian culture and includes a three-course dinner, complete with wine, beer, coffee, soda or tea.  You'll see a nice show that includes the beautiful hula and fire dancing.  Ohana means "Family" and when this restaurant opens for dinner, the servers come out in a large group and say "ALOHA" as they all welcome you to come in and eat.  

Here are a few pictures of the perfect ending to a day and a blog...with fireworks from the Magic Kingdom from the beach at "the Poly".- check the Times Guide.  They even pipe in the music from the show onto the beach for your full enjoyment...and also enjoy the Electrical Water Pageant at 9pm nightly at the Polynesian Resort.  Yes, Disney actually provides a parade in the water around Bay Lake.  (The Electrical Water Pageant can also be seen from the Contemporay, Grand Floridian, and Wilderness Lodge - check schedules for times if you're staying at those resorts.)  Most of all, the spirit of Disney's Polynesian Resort offers you a chance to experience the beauty, relaxation and fun in ways that will last a lifetime!
Feel free to post comments of your own personal magical experiences at Disney's Polynesian Resort and I hope you have enjoyed my experiences.  

Thanks for reading!