Saturday, May 11, 2013

Merida is a Princess - Limited Time Magic at Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World hosted a Royal Celebration as part of Limited Time Magic on Saturday, May 11 to officially welcome Merida into the Disney Princess Royal Court.  It was a grand event!  

First, we had a chance to see Sophia Grace & Rosie straight from the Ellen DeGeneres show as they rapped a great mix for the day.

Next, we were introduced to Gabby Douglas, the 2012 Olympian Champion Gymnast and her mother.  They compared their relationship to the one between Merida and her own mother, Elinor.  

The next part of our Royal Celebration was a very special treat!  We do not usually see all ten Princesses in Disney's Royal Court together.  We were introduced to each with their special attributes and photo opportunities.  The ten Disney Princesses include:  Cinderella, Snow White,  Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Rapunzel.  And now...PRINCESS MERIDA! 


Merida made her grand entrance riding her steed, Angus.  There was a pathway left open between the media and guests which made a perfect entrance.  Followed by Merida on her horse, we saw her Scottish Klan in their traditional kilts singing - they were followed by a band including bagpipes, of course as well as an entire Scottish band - it was wonderful!
That was quite an entrance & was so exciting to be a part of such a special occasion!  It's not every day that a new Princess is crowned!  After Merida left Angus and came through the castle archway to join her fellow Princess Royal Court, Lady Luellen read the Proclamation and a beautiful banner came down in front of the castle to welcome Princess Merida.  She was even crowned a Princess and we got to see that her Mom & Dad came out to watch her special moment.  I have never seen King Fergus & Queen Elinor before, so this truly was a special day! 

It seemed to me that Merida didn't seem to care so much about the special crown and all that, as she's not into all the "prim and proper" status...but she sure did enjoy the attention and this special honor to be an official part of the Disney Royal Family.  Merida and her Mom had photo opportunities with Gabby Douglas and her mom.  


After the official ceremony, I got to see Debby Ryan, who plays  "Jessie" on the Disney Channel was in the Media area.  Also after the ceremony, there were interviews with Sophia Grace and Rosie from the Ellen DeGeneres Show and I had the opportunity to say "Hi" to Gabby Douglas, one of USA's Olympic Gymnastic Champions.  Then I had to personally WELCOME Merida as an "OFFICIAL" Disney Princess during her Meet n' Greet time...from one Princess to another.  

By the way...Merida has not let this PRINCESS thing go to her head...we had a few moments to "chat" and she's just as fun and down to earth as always.  Thanks for reading this blog, and if you enjoyed it, I welcome you to share it via Facebook or Twitter.  If you click "Join this site" on the right, you will be notified when I add a new blog.  It's totally free & I do appreciate you.  I enjoy sharing this Disney Girl in Orlando's experiences with you.  Thanks for reading & sharing!

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