Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've joined the masses of the information highway

Well, I've joined the masses in this wonderful superhighway of Internet information and have created a BLOG of my very own!  

I am working on creating the look & exactly what my piece of the Internet pie will consist of.
Currently, my goal is to follow the title:  "A Disney Girl in Orlando" - I am not affiliated with the Disney Company, it's affiliates or any company - simply a Disney "Local" checking things out & letting you know the happenings of our area.
Basically, I would love to write on the things we do & places we go.  If you are planning a trip to the Orlando area, you may want to try a place that I find.  Most of my blogs will more than likely be Disney related because that is what I truly love to do in my spare time.
I will see how to do this - but from my list of resources, I'd love to create one basic calendar on my page that includes happenings around the area.  For my Disney Peeps, you'll find basics in a calendar form (hopefully) to include dates for EPCOT: Flower & Garden Festival, Flower Power Concerts, Summertime concert series schedule, Food & Wine Festival Dates & Eat to the Beat Concerts, rehab & closure dates, opening dates, Candlelight Processional narrator dates....Keep in mind I use a variety of Disney & non-Disney sources & I am not affiliated with Disney....but it will put a lot of different resources in one place for your planning convenience if I can figure all this out... 

I do enjoy working out, so there could be some fitness & healthy restaurants that we find around the area.  Food Trucks are also fun, so I may include some of that.  Also "OTHER" Orlando Theme Parks:  Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, LEGOLAND Florida, wonderful beaches & Botanical Gardens

I also would like to include general fun stuff around the Orlando area...just an ordinary person "A Disney Girl in Orlando" checking stuff out & letting you see a piece of this magical place that I call home. 

I would love it if you are interested in reading my thoughts or if you'd like to share it with Disney Dreamers & Planners to help you.  I am currently learning about this new venture, but have linked it to my Google+ Account, so if you have any requests or questions, I'd love to help you out. 
As my blog knowledge increases, I hope that I will assist you as much as this experience will help me grow & learn.  Always move forward in whatever you do or want out of life.  Cherish the moment - it is a special gift & we should always be thankful.  Thank you for your time.  
From  "A Disney Girl in Orlando"     (that's ME - wow!  I feel honored!)


  1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of......blogging! :-)

  2. Great idea Beatrice! I started my blog almost two years ago and it led to me creating a full time Disney business. I know your blog is going to be great since you already have a bunch of fans. Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts!

  3. Welcome to the Disney Blogworld. :-)

  4. :) Welcome...welcome...welcome.... to the online Disney blogging community!!