Sunday, October 28, 2012

Disney's Art of Animation Resort - Little Mermaid Section

Today, I had the opportunity to meet with a bunch of friends at "Landscape of Flavors" at
Disney's newest resort:  Art of Animation.  I have found that this Food Court has a great variety of healthy foods, great kid-friendly choices & adult comfort foods.  They have anything from a fresh fruit/energy smoothie or a bowl of fruit to salads, sushi & even a tilapia, white rice & flatbread dinner.  You can even purchase an individual bottle of beer in the Food Court here, if you so choose.

After a nice time with friends from WDW Radio, MEI Mouse Fan Travel & All Ears, I needed to SEE The Little Mermaid section of this resort which opened on September 15th, 2012.  I LOVE The Little Mermaid & must tell you that this section did not disappoint this Disney Girl from Orlando!

One feature for me in this section is that The Little Mermaid offers smaller rooms, as I do not have a large family.  Rooms in The Little Mermaid section sleep up to 4 guests (as Finding Nemo, Cars & Lion King sections have rooms that sleep 6).

Ariel & Flounder seem to be havin' fun at the Flippin Fins Pool, pictured above!  And Sebastian watches from the other side as you enter & leave the pool area.  But honestly Art of Animation has some of my FAVORITE FUN themed pools!  The Cozy Cone Pool in the Cars Section & The Big Blue Pool in the Finding Nemo Section would make it a difficult decision on which one to spend my time around!

Below you can see some of the FUN FINDS around The Little Mermaid section.
I was thinking of my Dad smoking his pipe as I attempted to play the Snarfblat.

 Then I did my best Seagull impression from Finding Nemo as I said "MINE!  MINE!  MINE!) when I found THIS treasure chest!

My Dad used joke that he wanted to buy the large can of beer because my Mom would only allow him to have one...I think THIS one would be a bit too much for me - LOL!

 And the generic pose that EVERYONE does...with Prince Eric's statue

 I will do the other sections in another blog at some point, but I had not been to the Lion King Section since the Grand Opening & was impressed at how quickly the foliage is really filling in beautifully.  Definitely a GREAT place to stay & ENJOY your home away from home!

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