Sunday, May 29, 2016

Animal Kingdom comes alive at night!

I had the privilege of being in the Animal Kingdom last night to see for myself all of the exciting new nighttime entertainment added for this park.  As I walked in, I stopped for a picture of the Tree of Life all lit up in it's beautiful nighttime glory.  I noticed a lot of other people standing around the tree, & was happily surprised to walk up right as the tree was having one of it's beautiful awakenings.  I have to admit that particular show was not spectacular to me.  The story wasn't holding me as much as I am usually entranced by anything Disney does...but they do have different awakenings, so if you also have that experience please give it a second shot - my second time was so much better!
Next, I enjoyed Expedition Everest,  which is spectacular after sunset!  The mountain is lit beautifully and the ride at night has such an added WOW factor!

Finally my journey took me to the new show, The Jungle Book:  Alive with Magic.  I LOVED IT!  
Yes, I know there are so many critical reviews by others.  
Yes, I know that Disney has set a very high standard for the level of entertainment that fans expect through Fantasmic, Wishes & Illuminations to hold this against.  But in my humble opinion, comparing this show to any other is

like comparing people to past relationships.  
Every one is different and every one has it's own "personality" so to speak:  Animal Kingdom is a quieter park and has a very special magic in the simple things of nature.  This show can't bring you the fireworks that others can, with respect to wildlife.  Talk to some of the most amazing

Imagineers of our past, I have, and they will tell you that not every single moment can be a "10."  This show is beautiful.  The Sherman Brothers music will inspire you to sing & dance and smile.  We don't get enough of that in our lives.  Take it and enjoy those moments every chance you get.  Don't compare it, just ENJOY IT!

 Enjoy the beautiful visions on water (think Fantasmic or World of Color type show) along with dancers, drummers, floats and even a fire dancer that is just fun to watch.  I love the Animal Kingdom.  I enjoy the simple things of life along with the big.  I encourage you to watch this show and appreciate it for what it is.  And I hope walking in with those thoughts, will allow you to enjoy it as much as I did.  There truly was a special kinda magic in the air.  

I'd like to thank my friend, Anthony Cortese for providing me with these pictures of the show, as I was posting live video on Facebook through the show.  His pictures are great & if you'd like to see his talented Dreamfinders documentary, click this link and purchase a copy for yourself.