Saturday, November 3, 2012

World's LARGEST McDonals/Play Place in Orlando, Florida

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the World's Largest McDonalds, located in Orlando, Florida. 
It's also the World's Largest McDonald's Playplace & Arcade.
As you arrive, Ronald welcomes you & let's you know that this place is special!
It's located at 6875 Sand Lake Road.  Coming SOUTH on I-4, it's Exit 74A & you can see it from the Interstate - turn left off I-4 & it's on your left.  



 As you step inside, you are welcomed by a  kiosk selling "Discounted Attraction Tickets"  --  I am always cautious of this, but beware that they are at the entrance & may ask "where are you from?" as you enter.


Once you get to the food...WOAH!  They have a "bistro Gourmet" Chef Prepared Menu that includes Pizzas, "Award-winning pastas", delectable desserts, & even a soft-serve ice cream station!
Ocream station!

 The decor seems like a fun place to be if you're letting off some travel steam for the kids.  We went around Halloween & they definitely made it fun & in season.

 When you're done eating, there is a Bowling Alley on the first floor and a nice large salt-water fish tank.  If you stop, say hello to Linus the Lion Fish - that's what WE named him.  Hubby thought he was very cool!

If you decide to go upstairs, the arcade area is HUGE!  Also the kids Play Place & good Toddler Play Area looks quite fun!

 My Super Hubby wanted me to show the Dads & "BIG KIDS" the Fast & the Furious section, as well as my favorite Pac Man: ole' arcade for all ages!

Once you WIN some stuff, they even have a "Gift Shop" in the store to pick out some fun prizes.

 If you're local & interested in doing a party, they seem to have good deals at $13.99 per child with a lot of value to that amount.
I was impressed.  For more information, check out  --  You can sign up for "McFun Emails" that include exclusive coupons, promotions, etc & you can look up Upcoming Family Friendly Events.

 I would be letting you down if I don't let you know about the restrooms.  I must admit that I was impressed with the regal decor of lots of mirrors with gold trim.  They have something that I have NEVER SEEN in my life:  automated sanitary toilets.  You wave your hand over a sensor & the plastic on top of the seat turns.  Keep waving until you have a completely sanitary seat before you go.  You must keep in mind that it is the largest McDonalds & that it doesn't "feel" perfect...but the sanitary seats are a nice touch & cool if you've never seen it.

The prices seem to be a few cents higher than at other McDonalds...but not a huge difference.  
I think it's a great stop on a vacation if you have kids with energy to let out in the giant play place & even some big kids can have some fun too!  Check it out!  Post comments if you've ever been or if it's giving you ideas on your next theme park adventure.  Hope to help!

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